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"I loved the jewel pads! They stay dry for a long time, they're comfortable and they don't move around! I wore them during a 14 hour drive to Florida and they kept me comfortable and dry. I did not notice and cramps. Thank you!"

Mary, Ohio

"I need more Jewels. Today is the first day of my cycle and I really like them. Staying comfortable and dry during summer is a challenge during your cycle. The jewel really performs. If it wasn't for my cramps I would've forgot I started my cycle lol.​"

Ashley, New York

"Do you have anymore sample packs available... I was shocked how easy going and light my flow was last month that I didn't believe it; so I am starting again and want to get some to use asap; medium and large, xlarge."

Toni, North Carolina

"Jewel is amazing. My husband bought some from a local distributor for me to try out. I wish I had these for the last 3 1/2 decades. Jewel is so comfortable I sometimes forget I am wearing one. My flow is very heavy and usually I am running to the bathroom every hour with the usual brands at retail stores. I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed during my menstrual flow my entire adult life. I will definitely tell family members and my girlfriends about Jewel. I am thinking about buying packs and giving them as gifts."

Lori, Ohio

"I'm very pleased with Jewel pads. There's no smell at all, even after a full day of wearing one. There are super comfortable. I tried the super heavy flow variety, and even being as large as they are, they were still comfortable. I'd definitely recommend the super heavy for anyone that has a problem with leaking. They cover a large area of a panty and are thin enough for day wear. In short, these are a great product! Thanks so much!"

Tanisha, Florida

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